• Board Certified Instructors
  • Black Belt certification and exams
  • Restoration Massage Therapy Certification
  • Danzan Medicine Certification
  • Comprehensive Dojo Insurance Plan
  • Seminar Instruction available in US, England/Europe, Caribbean & Costa Rica
  • New School Assistance
  • On-Line Store coming
  • Membership Tutorial-on line coming

Dues are $50.00 (adult) and $25.00 (junior) annually.  The membership is considered calendar year beginning January 1 ending Dec 31.  Dues are not prorated. Dues require a liability waiver and supplemental insurance. Schools, School heads, Black Belts and students that teach, practice or compete under the KDRJA must be current members. Schools must maintain a membership minimum of ten (10) students to be eligible.

Membership Form (PDF)